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Frisco Style 2023 Best of Business - Leadership & Vision

Frisco Style 2023 Best of Business - Leadership & Vision

2023 Best of Business | Frisco STYLE Magazine

Leadership and vision go hand in hand, and having one successfully without the other is difficult. Lone Star Roots understands this close relationship well as they have grown, thrived, and led in our community, which is why it was selected as the Best of Business in the Leadership and Vision category. 
In 2006, Lone Star Roots Owner Carrie Ermence and her family moved to Frisco from Chicago and haven’t looked back, as they’re now proud Texans and even more proud to be a part of the Frisco community. That move and a love for where they are eventually spurred the business’s motto: “Love Where You Come From…Root Where You Are.” 
Ms. Ermence knows well that leadership and vision can make or break a business and that businesses are only as successful as those working hard to grow them. She shares, “Optimism, relationship building, forward-looking, flexibility to adapt, and being involved in the communities we serve are very important to me.” As a leader at Lone Star Roots and in the community, when she’s not at work, Ms. Ermence serves on the Board for Women in Enhancing Business, the Board for Refresh, volunteers for Frisco Women’s League, and actively supports new business in the community as a Frisco Chamber Ambassador Team Lead.
In creating and founding Lone Star Roots, Ms. Ermence says she and her family wanted the company to reflect time well spent, community, faith, friendship, and “a whole lot of laughter.” She explains, “Texas is home, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Frisco community. There are a lot of great businesses out there. I encourage everyone to support us all. Texas is a huge state! As a leader in our community, it is important to me that we continue to lift, build, and support one another in our growing business community. A success for one is a success for all.”
While there are many points of pride in growing a successful business, Ms. Ermence says she is most proud that Lone Star Roots is about family, community, and connection and serves as a testament to the idea that it’s never too late to go for it. “The idea of Lone Star Roots started with many years of talking about it, a trademark started in 2016, which led to us revisiting once again in 2020 and launching, she recalls. “Our family moved to Frisco in 2006, which led to my entire family relocating here, and Frisco has been our home and a true testament to Love Where You Come From…Root Where You Are!”


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