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Have the best summer ever sporting these hilarious and fashionable Texas shirts, hats and tumblers

Have the best summer ever sporting these hilarious and fashionable Texas shirts, hats and tumblers

Original Link to Checkout DFW Article as posted May 30, 2022

Texas is more than just a place people live, it’s seriously a way of life that people not only feel passionate about but want to show off.

If you are one of those who prides yourself as a Texan — and we clearly don’t blame you if you do — then making sure you’re sporting the best Texas apparel is pretty important.

And there’s no better time to do that than during those hot summer months when a cold drink and loose-fitting tank are absolute necessities.

In Frisco, a shop called Lone Star Roots has you covered this summer with everything Texas you can imagine, from tumblers to hats to aprons.

We caught up with owners Mark and Carrie Ermence to learn about the gear they have that can help you have the best Texas summer ever:


To drink in

• Fancy tumblers: You’ll find clever tumblers and mugs to pour your favorite drink into that feature sayings like “Boss Babe” or “I’ll Get Over It, I Just Need To Be Dramatic First.”

• What they cost: Most are around $25.

• In their words: “Moms love our wine tumblers,” Carrie said. “You know, mama enjoys a little wine.”

To wear

• Tanks and v-neck shirts are hot: Tanks that say things like “TX Mama” and “Texas Darlin’” are best sellers, and v-necks that celebrate local life like “Friscolebrity” and “Texalebrity” are popular.

• In their words: “The v-necks were a big request,” Carrie said. “We were listening to what our customers wanted and they really wanted this style of shirt. Some women were saying that they didn’t like that feeling around their neck that a traditional shirt provides.”

• To note: Their T-shirts are unisex, meaning they fit men and women, with the exception of women’s v-neck and tanks.


• Aprons: Barbecue themes featured in a line of aprons are quite popular, including “Every Butt Deserves a Good Rub” and a black BBQ apron with the state of Texas around it. Also, they just received an apron that says “Your Opinion Wasn’t in the Recipe.”

• Funny T-shirts: One of the funnier shirts looks like the website Porn Hub, but the shirt instead says “Pork Rub.” Then there are shirts that push Texas becoming its own country with words like “Most Likely to Secede” around a picture of the state of Texas.


• Lake and campfire apparel: There are some really fun shirts, hoodies and hats that celebrate being around Texas water and campfires. One of their most popular hoodies simply says “Campfire Hoodie.” And then the pink “Texas Babe” hoodie is always a popular pick. “Lake Life” and “Lake Bum” hats and drink holders are fun and sell quickly.

• Their words: “That campfire hoodie is pretty simple, but people really like it,” Carrie said.

• USA, USA, USA: What is patriotic and says summer more than a Willie Nelson shirt? There’s a Willie shirt that looks like the outside sign at Wendy's, the fast-food restaurant, and one that says “I Willie Love The USA.” That one is really popular.

• Beer, food and music: Add Lone Star Roots to that list and you have a winning combination. Mark and Carrie said that when they are at events that have music, BBQ and adult drinking, they usually go home as happy campers. “BBQ, music and Texas are themes that we are able to connect with, and when we are at events that have all of those things, we are usually very successful,” Carrie said. “We love meeting new people, supporting musicians and watching the occasional dance floor break out just outside our tent. It’s what makes Texas great.”


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