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Legends Announce New Partnership With Lone Star Roots

Legends Announce New Partnership With Lone Star Roots

The Texas Legends have announced a brand-new partnership with Lone Star Roots.

With two stores now open in Frisco, Lone Star Roots is the premier provider of Texas-themed gifts and apparel.  Rooted in strong core values with a mission to give back, the family-owned business donates a portion of all proceeds to select non-profits.

“We are excited to be working with the team at Lone Star Roots,” said Legends President and General Manager Malcolm Farmer.  “Their company is based on community and giving back, and they align perfectly with the work we are doing and the Legends Family members we serve.”

As part of their partnership, Lone Star Roots will create a co-branded item for Legends Family members that will be incorporated in all season ticket boxes.  The team will also have access to all Legends Owner’s Club events, and the Lone Star Roots brand will be featured on social media as part of Legends’ community outreach initiatives.

“Being a local company, we are proud to partner with our local team,” said Lone Star Roots CEO and Founder Carrie Ermence.  “We are excited to get involved with all they are doing in this community and help further that mission with our fanbase.”

For more information visit www.lonestarroots.com.

To learn more about partnering with the Legends email info@texlegends.com.

Originally published here: https://texas.gleague.nba.com/news/legends-announce-new-partnership-with-lone-star-roots  

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