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USA, USA, USA: These shirts and hats will show everyone how proud you are to be an American

USA, USA, USA: These shirts and hats will show everyone how proud you are to be an American

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If you are a proud Texan — which makes you also a very proud American — and you want to show off that love, a Frisco-based shop offers you all sorts of ways to do just that all summer long.

Carrie and Mark Ermence, owners of Lone Star Roots, are big fans of Texas and America and know that this time of year, pride for the red, white and blue (both Texas and USA colors) is at an all-time high.

That’s why they’re so excited to help those who want to show off that pride with T-Shirts, hats, drinkware and gifts.

“We’re so proud of being Texans and Americans and that all comes together for us with our motto, ‘Love Where You Come From, Root Where You Are,’” Carrie said. “Whether you’re a native Texan or got here as fast as you could, everyone loves Texas, and this is such a great time of year to show that Texas pride.”

Their Celina shirt for the big July 2 party

It’s also a great time to support your local community, and you have the chance to do that at Celina’s Splash and Blast event on July 2, where there will be fireworks and fun.

Lone Star Roots will be there and actually printed the official T-Shirts for the event that you can pre order.

We’re all red, white and blue

Lone Star Roots has an assortment of American-themed apparel you can proudly wear all summer long.

Here are a few of the more popular options they sell, according to Carrie: Texas AF Hat, the Lone Star Roots Patriot shirt (for both men and women) and of course anything Willie Nelson. Lone Star Roots has several fun Willie T-shirts.

“Everyone loves Willie,” Carrie said. “He’s the Betty White of Texas. Wilie shirts always sell well, no matter what time of year it is.”

Supporting the military

As a way to say thank you to those who have and do serve, military personnel get 10 percent off their Lone Star Roots orders. Simply enter HERO when you check out online or show your badge at the Frisco Mercantile booth or pop up.

For Carrie, it’s pretty simple why they do this.

Texas is more than just a place people live, it’s seriously a way of life that people not only feel passionate about but want to show off.

“We have so much respect for what the military means and does for our country," Carrie said.

When someone in the military gets a Texas-themed T-Shirt, it reminds them of their family and what they love about the Lone Star State, Carrie said.

“When they are based in places around the world, it makes them feel close to home when they have a shirt that comes from Texas or has a Texas theme to it,” Carrie said. “It keeps them connected to their roots.”

Hitting the diamond

Carrie said she was recently approached about starting a co-ed softball team in Celina by someone who loved their products. She jumped at the opportunity.

“When you think of America and the Fourth of July, you think about baseball, so what could be more patriotic than playing this summer,” she said.

Lone Star Root’s patriot logo is featured on their team’s shirts, and each player has a Lone Star Roots hat.

Each team member has donated toward gift cards for teacher gift baskets that Carrie is putting together for upcoming back-to-school events with Celina and Frisco being just a few of those districts. 

Oh, and the team is having a great season. They are 5-1.


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