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Love Where You Come From, Root Where You Are!™
Would you believe Lone Star Roots started with Garage Talk? Yes, Garage Talk, which moved to Porch Talk, Basement Talk, Patio Talk, and Pool Talk. All that talk led us to dreaming, then doodling, and then BAM! a move to the Lone Star State where Lone Star Roots began in 2006. You know that saying, I got here as fast I could. Well, it's true and while we have loved every place we have lived, Texas just felt like we were home. 
We believe in honesty, integrity, fairness, family, friends, and supporting and leaving our communities a little better than we found them. Our inspiration for Lone Star Roots comes from the fact that every day thousands of people choose to call Texas home and others move yet Texas never leaves their heart. No matter where home is you can always have a piece of Texas with you.

Our company and designs are inspired by the Texas spirit and we seek to provide hip, comfy, fun, stylish, and spirited apparel and all things Texas! Remember that part about leaving communities even better than we found them? We are passionate and donate a portion of our sales to non-profit organizations we believe in.
The Badge of Texas Pride!™
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