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Chaos Coordinator Wine Cup

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Introducing the "Chaos Coordinator" Tumbler - the ultimate companion for those who effortlessly ride the waves of life's mayhem! This eye-catching tumbler features the phrase "Chaos Coordinator" written five times in vibrant colors, each accompanied by a playful wave design. It's not just a tumbler; it's a declaration of your mastery over the monetary madness and daily disarray.

Constructed from stainless steel, this wine cup is as sturdy as your resolve in the face of chaos. The permanent image ensures your tumbler's vivid colors and bold design will stay as fresh as your unflappable spirit.

Boasting a generous 10 oz capacity, this tumbler is perfect for wine, coffee, or any liquid pick-me-up that helps you navigate the turbulent waters of life. The vacuum-sealed plastic lid, complete with a handy hole in the top, allows you to sip with ease as you sail through the storm of daily challenges.

While the Chaos Coordinator is deemed top-rack dishwasher safe, we recommend giving it the personal touch with a gentle hand wash. This will maintain its stunning appearance and prevent any rusting from those moments when the chaos even extends to your dishwasher.

Don't just cope with life's disorder; conquer it with the Chaos Coordinator Tumbler by your side! It's your colorful, fun, and unapologetic badge of honor, proclaiming to the world that you can turn any financial frenzy or daily disruption into a well-orchestrated dance. Cheers to you, the captain of calamity control!

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